Absinthe   Kathrin / Marble911

Fav Sites


  Biology (creepy six-legged creatures in particular),
  Photography, Visual Arts in general, Literature,
  Travelling (if there is money which isnít often the case)...
  Fav Authors/Writers: 
  Iíve got favourite books rather than favourite authors
  Fav Movies: 
  Life is Beautiful, The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain,
  American Beauty, Fahrenheit 451, Jacksonís Lord of the Rings
  Fav Bands/Musicians: 
  Nick Cave, Coldplay, Travis, Enya, Eric Clapton
  Fav Artist(s): 
  Canít decide
  Most Liked:
  People (not in general, but a few very special ones)
  My camera
  Absence of hated things (sorry for the cheap answer)
  Most Hated:
  People (again, not all of them and not all the time, but basically this
  covers most of what I hate: certain character traits, ways of acting,
  Black holes (not the ones in outer space those tend not to bother me
  but the ones that swallow me from time to time)
  Myself (counts as people, I know but since self-hatred is one of the
  most intense forms of dislike Iíve come across it deserves special
  Fate/God/Bad luck (whatever you like to call the force behind things in
  peopleís lives going terribly wrong)
Random - just crossing your mind: 
Do you know how damn proud I am of being on your friends page?! Or, more accurately, of you seeing me as a friend?! And Iíd like to thank you for listening, for making me smile, for the emotional warmth youíve shown me thanks for being there *hug*. (I might even forgive you for making me fill out one of those friggin lists *grin*)

Impressum - Haftungsausschluß
Worst Fear:  Losing everything that makes my life worth living and being forced to carry on.
Deepest Desire/Wish:  Hmmm thatís a tough one, let me think. Well, Iíd say a permanent smile on the faces of those whom I love and on my own. You know, the kind of smile which comes from being totally happy. Cheesy, yeah but is there anything youíd rather have?