Absinthe   Kathrin / Marble911

Fav Sites

  Computer Arts
  Sam Kieth

  music, literature, media, RPG, comics, etc. etc.
  Fav Authors/Writers: 
  Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Rimbaud, Nick Hornby, Jim Carroll
  Fav Movies: 
  High Fidelity, Ringu, American Beauty, Magnolia, Velvet Goldmine
  Fav Music Genre(s): 
  EBM, Dark, Gothic, bit Metal, bit Grunge...
  Fav Bands/Musicians: 
  Apocalyptica, Type 0 Negative, Pearl Jam, Deine Lakaien, ASP
  Fav Artist(s): 
  Dave McKean, Blossfeld, Bosch, Helnwein, Sam Kieth
  Most Liked:
  the sound of rain when I'm inside
  the taste of caramel
  the touch of water
  the smell of a forest after rain
  the look of blue
  Most Hated:
  people, people on the tube, people around me, people
  bad music with no depth and sense
  narrow minded, intolerant, uneducated people

Deepest Desire/Wish:  going back to a time when everything was perfect and beautiful and I was happy with myself and my life
Weirdest Fantasy:  I used to have imaginary friends I talked to... now they are living in my head
Worst Fear:  All my worst fears have come true so I can honestly say that there's nothing out there that I fear
Random - just crossing your mind: 
Never make any plans, always wait for the surprises life can offer you. Those surprises may be shitty at first glance, but you never
know what they will bring on the long run.

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